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A tender has been issued for the lease of aircraft.


Opportunity closing date
02 January 2019
Opportunity publication date
18 April 2018
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Public Sector
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It needs a supplier of 2 aircraft of the same type and to be used at the same time. These aircraft will be used to carry out training for Fighter Controllers (FC) and Tactical Air Controllers (TAC) at altitudes of 500 to 23,000 ft, and for any other flight activity to ensure national defence and defence readiness.

Among other criteria:

- one aircraft can have 1 to 2 pilot’s seats and the other one must have 2 pilot’s seats
- the 2 aircrafts together must be able to fly during the agreement period a minimum of 720 flying hours and a maximum of 1,600 flying hours
- maximum speed in horizontal flight at sea level at least 250 kts with air pressure of 1013 QNH and air temperature of +150C
- flight ceiling (static) at least FL 230
- G limit at least 3,5 g at 90% MTOW for at least 5 seconds
- vertical speed up to altitude 3000 ft at 90% MTOW at least 2000 ft/min
- allowed bank at least 700

The estimated contract value is between £1,460,000 to £3,270,000. Length of the contract is 48 months.

Proposals will be accepted in English.

The submission deadline is 9am on 28 February 2019.

For more information about this tender, submit your company details to the Department for International Trade team in Estonia.

All submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified of any potential next steps. You can only submit a proposal if you are a UK registered company.

Opportunity closing date
02 January 2019
Value of contract

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