Sell to 164 million active users worldwide with eBay Shop.

The Department for International Trade has negotiated a special offer for UK exporters to sell overseas via eBay.

As part of the offer, sellers can choose between two shop levels at a better than commercial rate, based on the volume of products they expect to sell.

What is an eBay Shop?

An eBay Shop lets you create a unique, branded storefront for your products on eBay. Creating a Shop gives you access to platform marketing tools including:

• Promotions Manager
• Markdown Manager
• Promote your listings
• Customisable email campaigns
• Gives you a unique URL that you can use in your marketing

Offer for entry-level sellers

For entry level marketplace sellers, eBay is waiving the Shop subscription fee for 3 months when subscribing to an eBay Basic Shop (worth £17.38 per month).

Offer for experienced marketplace sellers

For any UK seller with current marketplace sales above $500,000 (currently c £410,000) on any marketplace, eBay is offering a free Anchor Store for 6 months.

An eBay Anchor Shop gives you access to the following features and offers (worth £217.38 per month):

• unlimited fixed price listings
• free listing in over 15 countries
• half price per auction listings starting at £1
• over half price per auction listings starting under £1
• seller manager pro
• 5,000 emails per month for email marketing
• eBay seller tool
• free listing in 2 categories

eBay Shop terms and conditions apply. eBay reserves the right to withdraw this offer or access to the Shops to any seller at any time.

Register your interest if you’d like to find out more about this opportunity.

The Department for International Trade will follow up with you directly.

Essential information


Automotive, Clothing, Footwear & Fashion, Electronics & IT Hardware, Food & Drink, Giftware, Jewellery & Tableware, Household Goods, Furniture & Furnishings, and Retail and Luxury

Opportunity type:

Private Sector

Expiry date:

30 June 2017

Applications received:


Value of contract:

Value unknown

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