Japan - Sensors to measure a range of effects on air filters

A leading manufacturer of industrial and consumer air conditioners in Japan has established an Open Innovation Centre. They are actively seeking a variety of innovative products and technologies from external companies and organisations.

This Japanese company established an Open Innovation Centre in 2015 in an effort to create new ventures in addition to expanding their core business.

They are now keen to work with companies who can supply innovative technologies and products which match their specific needs. These will be introduced by our team in Japan working alongside the Osaka Chamber of Commerce with whom we have a very close relationship.

In this case they are specifically looking for:

• Sensors to measure the temperature (up to 220℃) of 2 bonded filters in the laminating process of air filters (sensor to be attached to the surface of filters)
• Sensors to monitor the ageing changes of air filters (a few hundred μm thick) by pressure damages in atmospheres of up to 100℃
• Sensors to monitor the ageing changes of gas adhesion capability of air filters (A acid, alkali, VOC and CO2 are used)

If your company can meet their needs, we encourage you to register your interest in this opportunity as soon as possible. Our team will send a designated entry sheet for you to fill in and return to us by no later than 3 October.

When replying to us, please do not forget to advise that you are interested in the requirement of No. D7

The company is only interested in business suggestions which satisfy the requirements/specifications above and those which reference the specific numbered opportunity above.

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Electronics & IT Hardware, Mechanical Electrical & Process Engineering, Metallurgical Process Plant, Oil & Gas, and Software & Computer Services

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Private Sector

Expiry date

01 October 2016

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Value unknown

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