Mauritius - Air-ground VHF communication system and VSAT equipment

New air-ground VHF communication and VSAT systems equipment needed meeting ICAO standards.

The project comprises of the provision of new equipment for the installation of air-ground VHF communication and VSAT systems. The equipment must meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices for the provision of air traffic services in the flight information region (FIR) of the Republic of Mauritius.

The new equipment will be needed at the following sites:

- Mauritius (control tower, area control centre and Bigara transmitting station)
- Rodrigues (Quatre Vents and Plaine Corail)
- St Brandon
- Agalega

Existing antenna and feeder cable will be used. However new radios will be installed for the standby ATIS frequency.

Existing VSAT satellite antenna dish and pedestal mount will be used. However bidder shall quote to replace the low noise amplifier (main and standby with switchover unit) and the transmit reject filter of the satellite antenna dish of all the earth stations.

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Aerospace, Airports, Communications, Electronics & IT Hardware, and Software & Computer Services

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Public Sector

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21 March 2017

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Value unknown

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