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Opportunity closing date
03 December 2018
Opportunity publication date
15 October 2018
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to be confirmed
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Large capacity motor-pump wheeled unit

The large capacity motor-pump (MGC) trolley unit must be suitable for pumping turbid, muddy and sandy water in harsh conditions, even on difficult and muddy ground.

It will have to be made up of:

- transport trailer of the biga type,
- independent liquid suction system by means of a large capacity pump,
- diesel endothermic engine,
- lighting system and equipment.

The transport trailer, equipped with a platform capable of accommodating the motor-pump and its equipment (including fire-fighting equipment), must have the following characteristics:

- Approval for road use and suitable certification for air transport with the C130J aircraft and for transport to the barycentric hook with the CH47 aircraft
- suitable for towing by means of tactical vehicles supplied with the Army (Astra HD6, ACTL) through adjustable drawbar for towing conforming to STANAG 4101 and connectable to the vehicle through connector conforming to STANAG 4007
- rubberised with puncture-proof tyres
- centered with PVC sheet, green NATO colour, which can be opened when stationary to guarantee the protection of the motor-pump
- equipped with a lighting system with adjustable LED lights and arranged so as to cover 270
in the horizontal plane and provide the necessary visibility to operate the system up to 15 m
- NATO (IR) green colour, rust resistant and free of pigments containing lead compounds.

The large capacity pump, powered by endothermic motor and characterised by high resistance to turbid, muddy and sandy water with suspended solids, will have to be:
- controlled and controlled by means of an electrical panel, built in accordance with the regulations in force and equipped with an hour meter;
- equipped with 250 mm suction and discharge ports, flanged
- characterized by the following performances in terms of prevalence and relative minimum flow rate (above sea level):
Head Unit of measurement Minimum flow rate Unit of measurement
- 4 m 800 m
- 13 m 600 m
- 20 m 400 m
- 26 m 200 m
The endothermic engine will have to be characterised by:

- high rusticity
- power of not less than 40 kW
- electric start
- diesel fuel supply with a tank capacity of not less than 200 lt

Minimum equipment:

- spherical fittings in suction and delivery
- 90° curve
- basket filter
- Suction pipes with male/female spherical connection (total 5 pcs. of 2 m),
- 250 mm 10 m hose with spherical fitting.

Opportunity closing date
03 December 2018
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Ministero della Difesa / SGD-DNA/Direzione degli Armamenti Terrestri Via di Centocelle 301 Roma 00175 Italy

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