Turkey - Healthcare campus projects partnership

Turkish company is seeking a partner to provide services in turnkey healthcare projects.

A Turkish healthcare consultancy company wants to collaborate with UK construction, engineering and healthcare consultancy companies to develop and implement new healthcare projects. They are interested in a joint venture (JV) or representation type of partnership.

Interested UK companies should be experienced in healthcare campus projects and able to focus on projects in and around Turkey.

The Turkish company:

- was founded in 1985
- provides medical facility design, engineering and management services
- has run projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Trans-Caucasus and Africa
- has previously worked with leading engineering and consultancy companies like Arup
- has previously worked with leading private hospitals in Turkey such as the American Hospital and Acıbadem Hospital chain

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Essential information


Construction, Financial & Professional Services, and Healthcare & Medical

Opportunity type:

Private Sector

Expiry date:

01 October 2017

Applications received:


Value of contract:

More than £100k

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